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Thank you for your interest! The 2014 STEM Educator Symposium is full!

STEM Educator Symposium is a low-cost, 3 day,  STEM staff development for teachers, administrators of K-12 institutions and for college and university professors of pre-service teachers and community and business leaders who want to support high-quality STEM / STEAM education in their communities.

Would you like to spend time with a selective group of educators and business persons who share your commitment to STEM / STEAM education?  Are you looking for ways to get your students excited about high-level learning?  Would you like to increase your students' academic confidence and competence?  Would you like to learn with experts in problem-based teaching and learning? How would you enjoy beautiful Fort Collins Colorado in April?

The STEM Institutes and Preston Middle School in Fort Collins, are hosting the third annual STEM Educator Symposium April 3-5, 2014.  This program is designed to help partici
pants expand their knowledge of effective STEM / STEAM education practices.

Why do so many students get excited about science and engineering but lose that interest?  Do students of color access STEM?  Why are girls not pursuing STEM studies? These are questions of interest to educators, business leaders and other decision-makers across the county.

The world has some big challenges!  Increasing the availability of clean energy, providing enough food and clean water for an increasing world population, designing for upcycle, space for humanity are all problems for which science, technology, engineering and math can help provide solutions.

Mary Kay Sommers, Past President of the National Association of Elementary Schools Principals says of the STEM Educator Symposium, "One of the most interactive, inspiring and educational experiences that will impact your thinking and teaching immediately!"

The STEM Educator Symposium is designed to enable STEM / STEAM Educators and STEM / STEAM Businesses to share practices that will result in a larger and more effective STEM workforce.  Become an Agent of Change!

"How will YOU make the world better?"


Teresa Roche

Teresa Roche is Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Agilent Technologies, Inc.  In this role, she is the lead architect and portfolio manager for the company’s leadership development solutions from individual contributors to executives.

Her global team is geographically distributed, which affords her an exciting opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives around the world. 

Teresa has a passion for collaboration and learning as she is interested in how individuals and organizations develop the capability to interpret an evolving and complex environment in order to take effective action.

Previously Teresa held the position of Vice President of Human Resources at Grass Valley Group in Grass Valley, California.  While holding that position she served as chair of the American Electronics Association’s National Human Resources Committee.  Additionally, she worked at Hewlett-Packard in several executive human resources positions.

She has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology, a Masters degree in Counseling and Personnel Services, and a Bachelors degree in Education and Interpersonal and Public Communications, all from Purdue University.  In the fall of 2005, Teresa was named an Old Masters at Purdue and in the spring of 2009, she was received the Distinguished Alumni award from the College of Education at Purdue.

Teresa recently served as the co-chair for the Conference Board Council for Learning, Development and Organizational Performance and was a long time member of the Dean’s Advisory Committee for the College of Education at Purdue University.  Previously she was a founding member and on the Executive Board of the Best Practice Institute.   She is currently a chair on Harvard University’s Learning Innovations Laboratories. 

In 2007, Teresa and three of her Agilent colleagues were awarded the “Human Resource Innovators Award” at the Annual Human Resources Symposium.  This award recognizes individuals who have championed an innovative Human Resource program, idea or system that has produced fundamental change and had a major business impact within their organization.  

Teresa and Agilent have been featured as lead stories in several leading publications including, “Human Resource Executive,” “Chief Learning Officer,” “T+D” and “People and Strategy.”

Teresa has co-authored a chapter in Leading the Global Workforce published by Jossey-Bass, titled “Application and Results: The New Finish Line for Managing at Agilent,” and also an article titled “Innovation in Learning: Agilent Technologies Thinks Outside the Box,” which appeared in the August 2005 Journal of Organizational Excellence.  In May 2011, Teresa co-authored an article in Leadership Excellence on self-awareness as a development strategy and she authored a chapter in The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management published by ASTD in 2011.

Teresa is married to David Monahan and they have one wonderful daughter, Kate.  All of them are involved in their community.  They reside in Fort Collins, Colorado where they love to read and hike in the gorgeous outdoors.  

Joey Savoy

Joey is a Technology Mentor with ASD-North (formerly School District 16) in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. His role consists of helping students and teachers to implement technology into their classes on a daily basis. He has a passion for connecting schools with community organizations to create authentic learning opportunities.

Joey has been using SMART Interactive Whiteboards for the past 13 years and is a SMART Notebook 11 Certified trainer. In addition to his involvement with SMART Technologies, he has also worked asa consultant and content creator for Scholastic Publishing and A to Z Learning. Joey has presented at numerous educational conferences throughout North America on behalf of his District and has also provided training for educators in Europe, South America, and Asia. One of his greatest accomplishments to date was helping Miramichi to become officially recognized as the First SMART Showcase Community in the world in 2010.


Charity Harbeck

Charity is the Media Specialist and School-Based Technology Coordinator at Northern High School in Owings, Maryland. Charity is NETS-T Certified and has been named a Gold Star SMART Exemplary Educator, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Discovery Education Network Star. She has presented at the local, state, and regional levels. She worked for Computer Science Corporation before entering the education field and has taught in California and Maryland.



Ian Fogarty

Ian Fogarty is a classroom teacher at Riverview High School, in New Brunswick Canada, where he teaches Chemistry, Physics and Science 12. Over the past few years, Ian has been particularly interested in how 1:1 technology, probeware, virtual labs and SMARTBoards function in a collaborative classroom tohelp deeper learning and make connections to the outside world. His research is known as  "The Fogarty Study"His work has won 2 Minister's Awards for Innovation in Education, the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence
in Education and the Canadian Association of Physicists' High School Teacher Award. His Xenotransplantation  project was a winner at the Partner's in Learning Global Innovative Educators Forum in Cape Town for Collaboration and Communication. His work has been referenced by P21 and David Warlick and his research published in Australia.At the moment, Ian's students are looking at The Art and Science of Light, where they study the physics and chemistry of photography, as well as the impact of media and appearance on self image.Ian is moved his family to Beijing for a semester in an effort to raise his own twin boys as 21st Century Learners and do school outside of the four walls of a buildingRead his blog about the STEM Educator Symposium 2013 here.

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